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We Know Good Music...
Favourite genre of music: Progressive, Metal, Rock, Jazz, Blues
Personal Quote: We Know Good Music When We Hear It
Updated 10/19/06
1 new member - EvErasia


Click here virtuoso-guitarists.deviantart… for:
1. What this community is about
2. How to get your art in the gallery
3. What kind of art we accept

:music:OCTOBER ARTIST OF THE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!:headbang:

September's Artist of the Month is - TAK : THE AXE KID!
virtuoso-guitarists.deviantart… <--Click here to listen to him!

Past artists:
Artist of the Month - March:
PYRAMAZE virtuoso-guitarists.deviantart…

Artist of the Month - May:
GALNERYUS virtuoso-guitarists.deviantart…

Artist of the Month - July:
RUSTY COOLEY - virtuoso-guitarists.deviantart…

Artist of the Month - August:
TAKAYOSHI OHMURA - virtuoso-guitarists.deviantart…

Artist of the Month - September:
MICHAEL ROMEO of Symphony X - virtuoso-guitarists.deviantart…

The "artist of the month" can be a band or single musician, and it's all decided by me - Mostly I'm just going to be posting bands and artists that I feel are good enough to be recognized - people I think you guys should all listen to. I'm going to make a nice little profile for each "Arist of the Month" - so be sure to click on their names. Also, I would definatley not give you a band or musician without giving you some way of hearing them - whether they are featured on a website or what have you. If you have someone you think I should feature, feel free to send them! I'm always up for hearing new bands :)




:iconoverironkill:Fav band: pink floyd, iron maiden, beatles
Fav Guitarist: angus young, eddie van halen
Fav type of music: rock, southern rock, hair metal

:iconstellawaters: Favourite type of Music: Classick rock
Favourite band: The Who
Favourite guitarist: Pete Townshend <3

:iconlakesidemaiden: Fav band : Rush
                               Fave Guitarist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Fave Type of Music: Country....LMAO....none of these match do they?:lmao:

:icondahuuuuuudge: Fav band : Metallica
                              Fave Guitarist : Kirk Hammett
                              Fave Type of Music: Metal

:iconanime-king-zero: Fav band: Van Halen & ACDC
                    Fav Guitarist: Eddie Van Halen
                    Fav type of music: Classic rock, 80s glam metal & psychadelic rock

:iconunplugandplay: Fave type of music: Anything
                               Fave Band: The Smashing Pumpkins
                              Fave Guitarist (s): Yngwie Malmsteen, Jonathan Donais and  Matthew Bachand of Shadows Fall, John Petrucci, Kirk Hammett of Metallica

fave music genre: Music in general, especialy where the guitar does a lot of voicing.
fave band: AC/DC
fave guitarist: steve vai, joe satriani, angus young

:iconjnr0884:  Fave type of music: Progressive Rock
                      Fave Band: Pink Floyd
                       Fave Guitarist: David Gilmour & Steve Vai

::iconcherriebomb:  fave type of music: all, except top 40.
                               Fave band: They Might be Giants
                                Fave guitarist: Frank Zappa.

:iconswl: Fav type music - Jazz, Rock, RnB
             Fav band - coldplay
             Fav guitarists - Ronny Jordan, Steve Vai ,
             Joe Satriani, Carlos Santana

:icontenshiki: Fave type of music: Rock, psychedelic rock, some metal
                   Fave Band: Led Zeppelin, Queen, AC/DC, Yardbirds, Beatles,Cream
                   Fave Guitarist: Jimmy Page, Brian May, Eric Clapton, Malcolm Young, Paul McCartney

:iconthe-oxette: Fave type of music: Progressive Rock, Hard and Classic Rock
    Fave Band:Genesis(Peter Gabriel period), Pink Floyd, The Who, Radiohead
    Fave Guitarist: Pete Townshend, Steve Hackett ,Steve Howe...lots of Steves...

:iconlumpygravy: Fave type of music: Rock, classic rock, classical, ahhh all kinds of music except rap cause it aint music.
Fave Band and/or Guitarist!! Frank Zappa!!!, steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Peter Green, Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen, Lowell George, Jimmy Page, Clapton, George Harrison, Marc Bolan, and so many more!!!!!!!

:iconchaosdoomfinger: favorite type of music:any virtuoso type stuff
favorite band: i like too many to decide!
favorite guitarist: its a tie between vai and satch.

:iconwinehorse: Fave type of music: rock, heavy metal
Fave Band: Black Label Society
Fave Guitarist: Zakk Wylde

:iconhidr0g3n: Fave type of music: Prog Rock/Shred
Fave Band: Dream Theater
Fave Guitarist: John Petrucci

:iconlethalk-9:Fave type of music: I don't have one.
Fave Band: The Guitar Trio (Di Meola, McLaughlin and De Lucia)
Fave guitarist: Al Di Meola and Joe Satriani

:iconeibbor: Fave type: Instrumental/Progressive Rock
Fave Band: Dream Theater
Fave Guitarist: John Petrucci

:iconguitarsallly:Fave type of music: Classic-Rock, Blues
Fave Band: Led Zeppelin
Fave Guitarist: Jimmy Page

:icondiamondshade:Type of Music: Anything but Country or Rap
Bands: Corrosion of Conformity, Skid Row, Tool
Guitarists: Warren DeMartini, Pepper Keenan, Adam Jones, Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix, Jason Becker, Dave Mustaine

:iconjett-moonwing:Favourite type of music: Classic rock
Favourite band: Queen
Favorite guitarist: Brian May and Hank Marvin

:iconabart: Fave type of music: Progressive metal
Fave Band: Dream Theater
Fave Guitarist: Joe Satriani & John Petrucci

:iconblizzard-of-ozz:Fave type of music: Rock, blues-rock
Fave Band: Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Badlands, Dokken, Ratt, Cinderella
Fave Guitarist: Jake E. Lee

:iconmcr-rocks: Fave type of music : punk/rock/metal
Fave Band: my chemical romance <3
Fave Guitarist:  frank iero ^_^


Owner - ME!!
:Fave type of Music - hard rock, progressive, metal
:Fave band - Pyramaze, SYmphony X
:Fave Guitarist - Steve Vai
  • Listening to: Tak: The Axe Kid - Soarin' High


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